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At Schweigen, we care about everything that happens in the kitchen. So we've put together our favourite kitchen tips and design trends as well as practical advice on how to optimise your appliances. It is our goal to bring even more delight, convenience and deliciousness to your home. Simply choose 'read more' to expand the full article. If you're looking for our tasty recipe series, you can find them over here.
NFC Interactive Price Ticket LED Schweigen silent BBQ alfresco rangehood

Already in a store near you

Making the Switch

Time to take the modern kitchen outdoors

Schweigen premiers NFC retail technology in Australia

Schweigen has teamed up with Tap Media to bring next-generation NFC-powered customer buying experience into major appliance retail stores Australia-wide. NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and works via a wireless chip embedded inside price tickets. Now, all in-store retail customers have to do is to tap any Schweigen price ticket... Read more >

Why Schweigen has moved to LEDs

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode - an electrical component that can produce a spectrum of colours easily and brightly while using very little electricity to do so. They also generate very little heat, meaning almost all the energy consumed is turned into light. Halogen lights, in comparison, use around 90% of their energy giving off heat, making them very hot to touch... Read more >

Bring restaurant-quality alfresco dining home

Along with Australia’s increasing demand for all-season outdoor entertaining areas, we’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of alfresco kitchens and outdoor dining areas. These areas lose their appeal, however, when guests struggle to hear themselves, the music or enjoy their experience because of excessive smoke, odours and grease... Read more >

Vodka Palace Architecture Interior Design Project Choosing the right rangehood Integrated kitchen appliances and undermount rangehoods

The "Vodka Palace" Project

Choosing the right hood

Schweigen Focus - Silent Undermount Rangehoods

A modern reclusive's entertainment homescape

Architect Marcus Browne worked closely with his client to build a recluse cave-like atmosphere, complete with the ability to control audio and lighting effects directly from her iPad - thus creating and curating multifaceted moods in but a moment. The result is devastatingly beautiful, and powerful design... Read more >

How do I choose a rangehood to suit my kitchen?

A rangehood can frame or block views. It can determine the cabinetry layout, and it can influence the character of the space. A carefully considered rangehood can look masterful, whereas ignoring this detail can threaten the overall success of your kitchen design. With the array of options available in the market... Read more >

Choosing a rangehood that suits your cooking style

Undermount rangehoods have revolutionised the way we look at modern kitchen design. Hidden underneath cabinetry or specially designed rangehood features, undermount rangehoods are not seen as they actively, efficiently and effectively extract airborne grease, oils and odours from the... Read more >

Best Hoods fort Asian Cooking with High Spice BR500 Silent Bathroom Multipurpose Extractor Fan Undermount Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

Best hoods for Asian cooking

Introducing: The silent bathroom extraction fan

Integrated kitchen appliances: Undermount rangehoods

What is the best rangehood for Asian cooking?

If you tend to cook with many spices, high-temperatures, or deep fry quite regularly, then you know how important it is to have a powerful and efficient kitchen fan exhaust. An extraction fan that sits within your budget and, most importantly, meets your daily cooking... Read more >

Integrating ventilation into your home renovation

Home renovators are starting to lean towards creating total peace within their newly renovated, modern bathroom. A complete solution to proper ventilation is key, with hygienic removal of odours and bacteria now as important in the modern home as the resulting... Read more >

Renovating with integration in mind

Undermount rangehoods have revolutionised the way we look at modern kitchen design. Hidden underneath cabinetry, undermount rangehoods are neither seen nor heard as they actively extract airborne grease, oils and odours from your kitchen. This innovative style of rangehood has... Read more >

Island Rangehood Benchtop Kitchen Design Cleaning Stainless Steel Kitchen is the heart of the home

Kitchen design focus: island bench-top open-plan living

How to clean stainless steel appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home

The journey from architecture to design

Kitchen islands have an incredible story to tell, and understanding the evolution of kitchen design can bring increased meaning to the hub of our homes. Societal, cultural and political influences have most importantly evolved the way we look at current kitchen designs. Time warp back to the... Read more >

Being creative with household cleaners

There is no doubt that stainless steel appliances look and feel great in any kitchen. They also have incredible corrosion resistance to acidic foods, making stainless steel an ideal investment choice for any household. To protect your stainless steel investment, use the right cleaning method... Read more >

Renovating for energy & efficiency savings

In today’s busy, technology-focused world, the average Australian family seeks a comforting yet practical and multi-functional home to come home to after a hard day’s work. As time spent with family and friends is so valuable, a home to suit is ever so important to make the most of these moments... Read more >

Wallmount Rangehoods Stunning Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods Clean your rangehood filters

Why you should update your rangehood

KD Kitchen Design Featuring Ceiling Rangehood

Cleansing your rangehood filters

The modern kitchen

Because the new age modern kitchen has become the entertaining hub of the home, it should also be the most odourless and noise free space. When you are entertaining and immersed in conversation with your guests, there is nothing more mood killing than the sound of a noisy rangehood... Read more >

Versatile and modern ceiling cassette hoods

Multi-award winning interior designer, Kirsty Davis of KD Kitchen Design, has developed a strong reputation for her outstanding kitchen designs in New Zealand and worldwide... Silent ceiling cassette rangehoods are fast becoming the future of... Read more >

Washing filters by hand or in the dishwasher

Clean filters have many benefits including effective grease and smoke removal, improved power efficiency, easier cleaning in the long-run and most importantly, safety. Your Schweigen filters are very easy to clean and can be washed by hand or in the... Read more >

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