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Rise of Black Rangehoods in Modern Kitchens

May 25, 2023
Rise of Black Rangehoods in Modern Kitchens
Rise of Black Rangehoods in Modern Kitchens

It's black to basics for appliance finishes - with stainless steel making way for a new wave of stunning matte black rangehoods.

Driven by the rise of minimalism in home design, black rangehoods have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional stainless-steel models.  

Their understated elegance fit the aesthetic of modern kitchen designs, and underpin the growing demand for black hardware, fixtures and fittings in the kitchen. Black rangehoods complement these elements, and help complete a cohesive and stylish look in modern kitchens.

More practically, consumers are finding black appliances easier to clean and maintain compared to stainless steel models which can show up fingerprints and smudges. The dark colour also helps to conceal scratches and signs of wear and tear over time.

Benefits of a black rangehood

  1. Timeless: Black is a classic colour that never goes out of style, which means your kitchen will look just as modern and stylish years from now as it does today.
  2. Versatile: Black appliances coordinate well with a variety of kitchen styles and colour schemes. They work particularly well in kitchens with textured elements like aged metals, wood, stone and brick for a warmer aesthetic. This is opposed to kitchens where too much stainless steel can leave it feeling cold and industrial. At the same time, they can also provide a striking contrast against lighter-coloured cabinets.
  3. Easier to clean: Black appliances tend to show fewer fingerprints and smudges than their stainless steel or lighter-coloured counterparts - making them ideal for busy kitchens.

To cater for this trend towards black appliances, Schweigen is pleased to now offer its most popular rangehood models in durable, stunning and stain-resistant matte black:

Undermount Rangehoods

Wallmount Rangehoods

Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

BBQ Alfresco Rangehoods

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