Schweigen, the Silent Rangehood experts

We harness the power and efficiency of the German engineered Isodrive motor, mounted externally on your roof or eave - so you can enjoy silent operation in your kitchen. Discover our stunning range of undermounts, wallmount rangehoods, island hoods, ceiling cassettes with motor power options to suit your cooking needs.

  • Undermount Rangehoods

    Undermount Rangehoods

    Discreet, streamlined designs to integrate seamlessly with your kitchen designs. In 60cm and 90cm sizes, our undermount hoods will compliment your cabinetry and interior design perfectly.

  • Wallmount Rangehoods

    Wallmount Rangehoods

    Create a modern and unique style in your kitchen with a stunning, simply silent wallmount rangehood in stainless steel, black glass or white glass finish.

  • Island Rangehoods

    Island Rangehoods

    Ensure your appliances are nothing less than a statement of contemporary design and style with these stunning centrally featured island rangehoods, perfect for open plan entertainment and dining areas.

    island hoods
  • Cassette Rangehoods

    Ceiling Cassette Rangehoods

    Stunning, sophisticated and silent. A beautiful breakthrough in rangehood technology, the innovative ceiling cassette rangehoods will weave class and style throughout your kitchen design.

    ceiling cassettes
  • BBQ Alfresco Hoods

    BBQ Alfresco Rangehoods

    This powerful range of stainless steel rangehoods is specifically designed for outdoor situations; perfect for BBQ areas and alfresco dining.

    bbq alfresco hoods
  • Multi-Exhaust Extractor Fan

    Bathroom Multi Extractor Fan

    Australian design and German engineering combine to produce Australia's most powerful and energy efficient multi-purpose exhaust system. Only 62 Watts of power!

    bathroom multi-function fan

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