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Australian owned German engineered

Schweigen is the only 100% Australian owned company behind bestselling German engineered silent rangehoods supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs. Our profits remain in Australia, supporting our local economy.

Wallmount Rangehood in Kitchen
3x more energy-efficient

Uses a mere 57 watts to deliver high-powered efficiency and more than 300% energy savings.

Island Rangehood
Island Rangehood in Kitchen
10-year motor warranty

All of our rangehoods come with individual product motor options, allowing you to select the airflow rate to suit your cooking requirements.

Free Schweigen SteelFlex™

An industry-first - all Silent Rangehoods come with free high performance safety ducting in the box. Onboard Rangehoods come with free flexi-ducting.

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BBQ Alfrescoe Rangehood
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World-class service and support

Your peace of mind means the world to us, and we're ever only just a call away with local technicians ready to service your needs.

BBQ Alfresco
Silent Rangehoods

Benefits of a Schweigen Silent Rangehood


The Isodrive® motor is silent - removed from the rangehood and mounted outside the home.


Our rangehoods extract heavy steam, smoke and unwanted cooking odours, leaving your kitchen fresher for longer.

Energy Efficient

Using a mere 57 watts to deliver high powered efficiency and energy savings of more than 300%.**

Manufactured and Engineered in Germany

Built with quality and precision, the Schweigen silent Isodrive® guarantees performance and reliability for many years to come.

Australian Owned

We are an Australian owned family business that prides itself on delivering quality products built for the harsh Australian climate.

Australia Wide Service

An Australian based Customer Support team offers you the service and installation network you’d expect from such a premium product.***

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High-Performance Safety Ducting

Fire, pest and crush proof, Schweigen SteelFlex™ works best and comes free with all Schweigen silent rangehoods powered by the German-made Isodrive® Motor System.

Engineered to enhance the health and safety of your home, Schweigen SteelFlex™ is antimicrobial treated, thermally insulated and acoustically dampened for quiet and efficient high-volume transfers of temperature-sensitive air.

Schweigen SteelFlex™ is guaranteed for life and independently tested to offer unbeatable strength and safety for the most demanding HVAC applications.

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When designing the kitchen, it is really important to not just consider the aesthetics, but also the functionality and practicality as well.

A Schweigen silent rangehood allows for an open space plan to become much more functional. With its powerful motor on the roof - it is always silent indoors where we cook and live.
Alison Lewis of Alison Lewis Interiors

Interior Designer and member of the BuildHer Collective

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