Offboard vs Onboard Rangehoods

June 28, 2021
Offboard vs Onboard Rangehoods
Offboard vs Onboard Rangehoods

Onboard rangehoods, also known as internally-motored rangehoods, refer to models with motors and fans built into their canopies. Offboard rangehoods, or externally-motored rangehoods, have their motor mounted outside of the rangehood, and typically outside of the home.

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods are offboard rangehoods powered by the German-made Isodrive®motor systems. And they outperform onboard or internally-motored rangehoods in 5 important ways:

#1: They are silent

Having the motor externally mounted outside the home takes the fan noise outside of the kitchen and transfers it outdoors, where it is lost in the ambient environment. This also allows the use of more powerful motors for silent, yet more effective air extraction where you cook.

This is in polar opposite to an internally-motored rangehood - where the motor noise is at the ear level of the home cook who would sometimes not even turn it on so they can converse without shouting or hear their favourite TV program over the rangehood.

For illustrative purpose only. Please refer to user manual for specific instructions that apply.

Installed correctly and used at the lower speeds, Schweigen silent rangehoods cannot be heard over the ambient noise within the kitchen. Wind noise may be heard at higher speeds, depending on the distance of the motor from the rangehood and the type of filters selected.

Our externally mounted rangehoods are specially designed and engineered to extract silently and powerfully. For example, a 5-speed Schweigen Silent Rangehood with an SP 1600 Isodrive® motor, running at Level 1-3 can easily handle Heavy Cooking and is as quiet as a laptop computer fan.

If you need faster extraction of smoke, steam or odours, we recommend the Level 4-5 Boost Modes which are still very quiet. Due to the increased airflow, you will hear air pass through the filters - akin to that of a multisplit aircon unit without fan or motor noise. 

This means that you can now enjoy conversation even as you cook, without having to shout over a noisy rangehood ever again.

#2: They deal with airborne grease better

The powerful Isodrive® motor system also traps more airborne grease and oil particles within its filters and expels cooking exhaust warmer into the environment versus competitors. This cyclonic extraction power reduces the chance of mould and bacteria build-up, and leaves homes fresher and newer for longer.

#3: They use less power to perform better extraction

Air extraction is performed in one seamless energy-efficient pull from the outside, as opposed to onboard rangehoods that need to suck in and then push cooking exhaust up the ducting against the force of gravity - introducing turbulence, noise and a drop in pressure as it does so. 

In fact, an Isodrive® S1650 motor paired with LED lighting runs on a mere 57 watts, in comparison to competitor products which use a minimum of 180 watts. This translates to energy savings of more than 300%.

#4: They are built to last

The Schweigen-patented Isodrive® motor systems have been developed over the past 20years in partnership with ebm-papst – the global leader in fan technology. They come with 10-year warranties, and are recognised as one of the quietest, most efficient, and powerful domestic extraction units available on the market today.

#5: There’s one for everyone

With one of the biggest catalogues of bestselling canopy designs in the market, there’s a Schweigen Silent Rangehood and Isodrive® motor to suit every kitchen design and cooking style.  

For illustrative purpose only. Please refer to user manual for specific instructions that apply.

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