Noise - The Invisible Killer

November 4, 2020
Noise - The Invisible Killer
Noise - The Invisible Killer

Dangers of noise pollution in your kitchen

You might think that noise isn't a serious health issue - after all, it's just noise and it won't kill us, right?

The health impacts of noise pollution are a growing concern. Noise pollution can have a major impact on our lives and health. It can annoy us and disrupt our sleep, making it harder to work during the day and leaving us less focused.

Evidence from the World Health Organisation (WHO) 2011 report indicates that those prolonged exposed to high levels of environmental noise can lead to stress, which can contribute towards high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Thus, noise pollution is considered not only an environmental nuisance, but also a threat to public health.

At Schweigen, we design rangehoods that not only generate incredible extraction power but do so as quietly and efficiently as possible. ​

To achieve this, Schweigen started by sourcing the quietest and most powerful domestic extraction fan available, and integrated the German-made, centrifugal fan technology into a Schweigen-designed motor system called the Isodrive®.

However, even the quietest internal motor and fan generates noise. So, having it vibrate noisily inside a rangehood canopy didn’t make sense. This is why Schweigen silent rangehoods have their Isodrive® motors installed outside of homes through the roof, wall or eave with acoustically-matched, right-sized flexible ducting. 

Chat with us today, and protect yourself from the dangers of noise pollution in your kitchen with a silent rangehood. For more info, contact us at 1300 881 693 or

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