Clearing the air

January 10, 2020
Clearing the air
Clearing the air

What comes around, sticks around

The health benefits of a powerful and effective rangehood cannot be overlooked. Air pollutants in the form of steam, grease, and smoke are released into the air while you are cooking. Without being extracted effectively, odours can be deposited around your house, trapped in fabric, furniture, and even your clothes - causing them to linger much longer than you’d like.

Schweigen’s catalogue of powerful rangehoods deal with airborne pollutants effectively and prevent the build-up of that gross sticky film on your cooktop and cabinets, which can attract insects, mould and bacteria. With your Schweigen Isodrive© motor constantly expelling that bacteria-laden air outside your home, bad odours are less likely to develop or hang around.

A properly installed, ducted Schweigen range hood, will vastly improve the air quality—not only in the kitchen but throughout the house. This is especially important for anyone with allergies and breathing problems. That said, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a Schweigen rangehood - after all, who doesn’t like fresh air?

Put freedom and control back on the table

Having an effective way to remove odours also allows greater freedom to experiment with various cuisines. Fish may be your family’s favourite meal, but that doesn’t mean you want your house to smell like it for hours or even days to come. Consider all the things you’ve wanted to try making but didn’t because you were worried that your entire house would smell like dinner for days afterwards. Once you have a Schweigen rangehood, there’s no need to worry any longer. Fish, spices, exotic vegetables, and sauces are back ‘on the table’ once the cooking odours are eliminated.

Enjoy fresh air in the kitchen again, with our range of silent rangehoods.

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