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Silent Rangehood Buying Guide

Nobody likes leftovers - especially when it’s stale lingering odours from yesterday’s fish-fry. Worse if your ears are also still ringing from a noisy rangehood or triggered smoke alarm – all because you craved some snags for dinner.

As Australia’s leading silent rangehood brand, Schweigen has helped generations of homeowners address these frustrations in their kitchens. So, if you’re in the market for a better rangehood, let us help find you one that’s ideal for your kitchen design and lifestyle.

1. What are rangehoods?

A rangehood (also known as a kitchen hood, exhaust hood or exhaust fan) is a device that is installed over stoves or cooktops, containing a motorised fan to extract cooking grease, smoke, steam and odours.

2. How do rangehoods work?

Rangehoods capture and extract airborne grease, smoke and oil particles, cooking steam and odours. These unwanted particles are captured in filters, before the exhaust is re-circulated or vented through the ducting to the outdoors. High quality filters help prevent the same from collecting on your cabinetry, walls and ceiling while you cook.  When working effectively, rangehoods help keep your kitchen newer and fresher for longer.

3. How do silent rangehoods work?

If you struggle to converse over the sound of your rangehood as you cook, then this may bring music to your ears. Rangehoods CAN be silent.  Installing the motor outside your home ensures silent extraction over your cooktop with your preferred rangehood style*.

Unlike conventional rangehoods which have motor and fan installed within the canopy or somewhere along the ducting, Schweigen silent rangehoods have their motors installed outside your home. Doing so means the externally-mounted fans extract cooking exhaust in one seamless energy-efficient pull, unlike conventional systems which need to pull exhaust in through the canopy, and then push it down the ducting to the outdoors, introducing different wind pressures, turbulence and noise as they do so.

The Schweigen silent rangehood revolution starts with a German-made EBM motor and fan called the Isodrive®. This motor is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. The Isodrive® units extract and expel air outside your home at the point of exhaust with long vaned, centrifugal blades to minimise turbulence and noise within the ducting.

Installed correctly and used at the lower speeds, Schweigen silent rangehoods cannot be heard over the ambient noise within the kitchen. At higher speeds, wind noise may be heard, depending on the distance of the motor from the rangehood and the type of filters selected.

Referencing a Schweigen Silent Rangehood with an externally mounted Isodrive® motor (1600 m3/hour airflow) and 5 variable speed levels, measured eye-level whilst in operation at a standing distance as if cooking at the cooktop:

  • Level 1-3 (Heavy Cooking): Silent like the airflow from a laptop/computer fan.
  • Level 4-5 (Boost Mode): Quiet hiss of airflow similar to a multisplit aircon unit, without fan or motor noise.

See Noise Assessment Report for reference.

4. What are the available rangehood styles?

A rangehood is in many ways, the crowning glory to your cooktop. Together, they influence the character of your cooking space, and define a huge part of your kitchen aesthetic.  A carefully considered rangehood can look masterful, whilst the opposite can threaten the overall success of your kitchen design and functionality. With the array of styles and options available in the market, selecting the right rangehood can get very confusing. To help you along, here are rangehood categories that drive design decisions based on how they look and where they are installed:

For all other areas of the house that require venting of steam or odours, Australia’s most powerful and energy-efficient multi-purpose exhaust fans have you covered.

8. What extraction power and motor?



Isodrive® ST Motor


Isodrive® SP Motor


Isodrive® SP2 Twin Motors


Isodrive® SE Motor

The innovative German-made Isodrive® motor is recognised as the quietest, most energy-efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. It pulls steam, smoke and odours outside, rather than pushing like conventional rangehoods. Any external noise is absorbed by ambient sounds, allowing your kitchen to reclaim its rightful place as the hub of the home.

Best of all, there's one for almost any cooking style and requirement.

Extraction power is measured in cubic metres per hour (m3/hr), and refers to the volume of air which can be extracted.

9. Is my rangehood energy-efficient?

The terms ‘energy-efficient’ and ‘suction’, are often confused. Greater efficiency is often mistaken for greater extraction. This is both incorrect and misleading. Greater extraction can be easily achieved by applying more power. However, an increase in power invariably leads to higher energy consumption, thus making it less energy-efficient.

Ideally, an appliance that requires the least amount of energy to complete the task at hand, is the most efficient. This is where Schweigen excels. The patented Isodrive® comprising a German-made EBM motor and fan is not only the quietest extraction system available - it is also the most energy-efficient because it pulls air through the system rather than pushing. As a result, the Schweigen silent rangehood systems use less energy to achieve the same task as conventional rangehoods. For example, an Isodrive® S1.650 motor system paired with LED lighting runs on a mere 57 watts – 3 times more efficient than a conventional rangehood.

10. Do duct design and ducting matter?

Yes, and more than most people realise. Poor duct designs and incorrect or ill-fitting ducting are the leading cause of venting inefficiencies in rangehoods. All the extraction power in the world isn’t really going to help if you have poor ducting design. Not to mention the pollutant build-up over time that may lead to costly maintenance and safety issues.

The Schweigen Isodrive® system is externally-mounted, and works by pulling air through Schweigen SteelFlex™ high performance safety ducting. This results in high-flow extraction that is virtually silent at the rangehood. The use of a rigid ducting system here would have an organ piping effect - similar to a didgeridoo, where noise produced at one end of a hollow rigid pipe is amplified out the other.

Illustration of schweigen steelflex ducting
All images here are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to user manual for specific instructions.

This is why all Schweigen silent rangehoods come with Schweigen SteelFlex™ high performance safety ducting at no extra cost. These perform optimally at their issued lengths and deliver quality performance at up to 3x that - when connected to an Isodrive® motor system.

Good design practice would always see a fire-rated ducting system extend to the house exterior, rather than to the ceiling cavity. When a rangehood is ducted only into the ceiling space, the collection of humidity and grease can present very real health issues and fire hazards. Over time, the back pressure will also impact the longevity and performance of the rangehood motor.

Different Australian states have varying legislative requirements for the installation of rangehood ducting. Some will insist on ducting being vented externally (i.e. not in to the ceiling cavity); others will not. It is imperative that you check with your state building authority and/or private certifier to confirm their position.

11. Should I get baffles or mesh filters for my rangehood?

Baffles are typically made from aluminium or stainless-steel, shaped into folded metal slats. They work by changing the direction of air flow and obstructing grease-saturated air molecules with sharp turns as they pass through the slats. As the heavy pollutants cannot change direction quickly, they are captured in the channels. By virtue of its design and construction, baffles have greater longevity and commercial aesthetics. These are more commonly used in industrial styled kitchens.

Mesh filters are made of many finely stacked layers of stainless steel or aluminium mesh with cross-directional patterns intersecting one another. As the airborne grease, fats and oils are forced to rapidly change direction through the fine mesh layers, the heavy pollutants get trapped within. Mesh filters are more effective at capturing finer airborne pollutants, while their light material construction mean that they typically perform quieter.

Baffles: Pros - Dishwasher-safe, heavy-duty material and construction, easy to remove, lifetime warranty*. Cons - May be noisier than mesh filters, may drip oil if not cleaned well.

Mesh Filters: Pros - Dishwasher-safe, captures more fat/oil particles, easy to remove, lifetime warranty*. Cons - May deteriorate faster than baffles, may need to be cleaned more frequently.

* On models purchased from 1 January 2017 onwards

12. Why would I need a BBQ alfresco rangehood?

Along with Australia’s increasing demand for all-season outdoor entertaining areas, we’ve witnessed the rise of alfresco kitchens and outdoor dining areas. These however lose their appeal when guests struggle to hear themselves, the music or enjoy the experience because of excessive smoke, odours and grease from the grill or barbecue.

Enter Schweigen’s silent BBQ Alfresco rangehoods - featuring powerful high-extraction motor systems mounted outside the home, for silent extraction where you cook. These heavy duty units make a bold design statement with clean, modern lines and are constructed with high-grade weather-resistant stainless-steel to withstand the harsh Australian environment. Complete with remotes*, push button controls, variable speed levels, dishwasher-safe filters and wide-angle LED lighting - you’ll become the shining light of patio parties in your neighbourhood for years to come.

13. How to install my rangehood?

Now that you’ve chosen your rangehood, and which motor best suits your cooking needs - it’s time for that exciting install! For a new kitchen, your architect or builder can recommend the right rangehood and placement for your layout. For an existing kitchen area, motors are most commonly installed on the roof or wall.

Illustration of house
All images here are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to user manual for specific instructions.

Schweigen Isodrive® motor units may be installed on the roof, wall or in-wall (Endline only). (Kindly note that wall installations of SP.1600 motors require the additional purchase of Wall Hanging Brackets from the Spare Parts Store.)

In most cases, Schweigen silent rangehoods incur the same cost as the installation of any standard rangehood. To get yours up and running in no time, please contact your nearest Experienced Installer for a quote.

If you’re handy and up to a DIY installation, please refer to our installation video and guides. And if you have any installation questions at all, please feel free to contact our friendly team at 1300 881 693 or

14. How to clean my rangehood?

Cleaning your rangehood ensures your investment looks and performs at its best. Here are some simple tips to ensure they remain in tiptop condition.


  1. Prepare a solution of water and neutral liquid soap. Avoid soaps with abrasive granules that could scratch the surface of the product.
  2. Find a soft wiping cloth without zips, buttons or fasteners that could scratch the surface pf the product.


  1. Rinse and wring cloth in the prepared solution.
  2. Wipe in the direction of the surface grain.
  3. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove residue.
  4. Wipe with a soft cloth to dry.
  5. For better results, you may use high-quality cleaning and protection products (eg. Steel Kleen) to clean the exterior of your rangehood.


  1. Make sure that the electrical power is off prior to any cleaning.
  2. Avoid chemical solvents, aggressive, grainy or abrasive products, naphtha, alcohol or similar products that could damage the surface of the product.
  3. Do not clean the electric components or the motor with liquids or solvents.
  4. Do not use denatured alcohol on the exterior of the rangehood.
  5. Do not pour any liquid directly on to the rangehood

15. How to clean my rangehood filters?

It’s good news when the baffles or mesh filters in your rangehood get greasy – because that’s how you know they’re doing their job! That said, make sure to give them a clean every 3-6 weeks of use (or every 10 days for induction cooktops), as they become increasingly ineffective when blocked. Cleaning your Schweigen baffles and mesh filters is easy:

Washing by Hand

  1. Remove from hood
  2. Immerse and soak in hot soapy water
  3. Scrub lightly with non-abrasive brush
  4. Rinse with plenty of hot water when clean
  5. Dry with a dishcloth (avoid leaving them out to dry by themselves)
  6. Return to the rangehood

Washing in the Dishwasher

  1. Check that your filtersare dishwasher-safe
  2. Remove from rangehood
  3. Place in dishwasher on a short program at low-moderate temperature (Use a higher temperature setting on stainless steel baffles for a more thorough clean)
  4. Return to the rangehood

16. What rangehood finishes and features?

Listed here alphabetically is a list for you to consider when evaluating choosing a rangehood:

Backdraft Stopper

An optional backdraft stopper/fin connects to the motor, and prevents external air from entering the Isodrive® motor system when not in use. This helps to reduce household energy costs all year round by limiting the amount of cold air that can enter, and warm air from escaping your home in winter. During summer, the reverse is true – cooler air is prevented from escaping up the chimney, just as warm air is prevented from entering the home.

Bacteria Elimination Shield Technology (BEST)

An Isodrive® powered solution that works with cyclonic extraction and engineered ducting design to optimise the throughput of airborne oil particles through the ducting till they are vented outside the home. Prevents oil particle contact and coagulation on the motor and ducting, bacteria growth and food contamination from oil drips.

Balanced Aspiration (BA)

A filter system that comprises of an inner plate with perforated and strategically spaced holes to spread air intake evenly across the filtration zone before it is extracted through the filter. This is available exclusively on Schweigen IN. rangehood models, and is particularly effective with the high-extraction power of the Schweigen silent Isodrive® motors.

Diagram of filter location in rangehood

Construction & Finishes

Your rangehood can be built with a variety of materials and finishes to suit your taste, including stainless steel, aluminium, glass and enamel. With sleek designs and extreme durability, Schweigen products combine the best of Euro styling with solid Aussie durability to stand the test of time.

Schweigen SteelFlex™ Included

Silent rangehoods come with free high-performance safety ducting - fire, pest and crush proof, guaranteed for life.

Filter Options

Most rangehoods come with either mesh filters or baffles. Schweigen understands that consumers have different needs and preferences. That is why we offer both easy-to-remove, dishwasher-safe options with our rangehoods. Best of all, both come with a lifetime replacement guarantee across all Schweigen models (terms and conditions apply).


Many rangehoods come with lighting fixtures and options for bulbs, including incandescent, fluorescent, LED and halogen. Schweigen rangehoods come with either innovative wide-angle LED or halogen lighting to illuminate your cooktop. Best of all, the energy-efficient GU10 LED globes come with a lifetime replacement guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

Oil Guard System (Delay Timer Control)

A function that automatically switches the rangehood off after a fixed time has elapsed - especially handy for cooks who want to leave their rangehood on for a while longer to continue clearing the air and/or while the food is cooling.

Perimeter Aspiration (PA)

A design element that uses an additional panel of glass or stainless steel to force rising airborne particles to the outer perimeter of the canopy. This creates a 'Venturi' effect where intake becomes restricted and airflow velocity is resultantly increased. The quicker the particles are captured, the less ‘leakage’ there is into the surrounding cooking zone. This is particularly effective with the high-extraction power of the Schweigen silent Isodrive® motors. Perimeter Aspiration system panels are easy to clean and open for easy access to the filters beneath for washing.

illustration of venturi effect

Silent Operations

These refer to rangehoods with motors externally-mounted outside the home, thus reducing motor/fan noise over cooktops within the home. Schweigen’s Isodrive® motor system is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. Placing the motor externally outside your home ensures silent extraction over your cooktop with any rangehood style.

Remote Control

A hand-held accessory that allows you complete electronic control of rangehood functions from a distance.

Variable Fan Speeds

Choice of extraction speeds to match your cooking needs at any given time.

Weather Proofing

Schweigen’s Isodrive® motors are fitted with a patented water intrusion system where rain is funnelled away from the housing and down the roof. Our motors have an IPX6 waterproof rating and are approved for use outside.

17. What is included in the box with my silent rangehood?

The accessories that are included vary according to the motor system you have selected:

Isodrive® ST.950

  • Rangehood canopy
  • 1x Isodrive® BAL40-rated 900m3/hr motor with 3.5m 10amp cable
  • 1x 200mm metal riser pipe
  • 1x Schweigen SteelFlex™ 200mm diameter safety duct (4m)
  • 1x weather guard, wall hanging bracket and backdraft shutter
  • Ring clamps

Isodrive® SP.1650

  • Rangehood canopy
  • 1x Isodrive® BAL40-rated 1650m3/hr motor with 3.5m 10amp cable
  • 1x 200mm metal riser pipe
  • 1x Schweigen SteelFlex™ 200mm diameter safety duct (6m)
  • 1x weather guard, wall hanging bracket and backdraft shutter
  • Ring clamps

Isodrive® SP2.3000

  • Rangehood canopy
  • 2x Isodrive® BAL40-rated 3000m3/hr motor with 3.5m 10amp cable
  • 2x 200mm metal riser pipes
  • 2x Schweigen SteelFlex™ 200mm diameter safety ducts (6m)
  • 2x weather guard, wall hanging brackets and backdraft shutters
  • Ring clamps

Isodrive® SE.3200

  • Rangehood canopy
  • 1x Isodrive® BAL40-rated 3200m3/hr motor with 3.5m 10amp cable
  • 1x 250mm metal riser pipe
  • 2x Schweigen SteelFlex™ safety ducts (250mm/4m, 200mm/2m)
  • 1x reducer (250mm to 200mm)
  • 1x weather guard and backdraft shutter
  • Ring clamps

Although we try to provide you with all the equipment you require for your installation, there are some parts that you may need to purchase externally as these are unique to every installation. Not sure what to get? Please feel free to contact our friendly team at 1300 881 693 or for help.

18. What warranties and support come with my rangehood?

Schweigen silent rangehoods come with a 10-year warranty on the German-made motor (on all Isodrive® motor systems), and a 3-5 year warranty on the canopy. In addition, included Schweigen SteelFlex™ safety ducting, baffles, mesh filters and GU10 LED globes come with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind. Please check the warranty card provided with your unit for the exact terms and conditions that apply.

Schweigen products are supported locally by an Australia-based Customer Support Team, and we have qualified servicemen located throughout Australia. For spare parts, please contact the Schweigen Service Department on 1300 881 693.

19. Where to buy Schweigen rangehoods?

Schweigen silent rangehoods are sold in more than 900 stores throughout Australia. Consult our Store Locator to find the store nearest you. To request a demo or to book an appointment at one of our showrooms nation-wide, please click here.

20. What rangehoods are people buying?

Schweigen rangehoods are sold Australia-wide. Working with customers from all walks of life, we have come to appreciate that whatever your kitchen layout, cooking needs and concerns are – our product range has you covered.

So, if you’re still lost about what to look for in a rangehood – perhaps these stories and images can help provide some kitchen inspiration:

  1. The First-Time Homebuyer
  2. The Serial Renovator
  3. The Family Cook
  4. The Outdoor Entertainer
  5. The Designer Don

1) The First-Time Homebuyer

Jane and her partner recently ended their house-hunt with the purchase of their inner-city home. Sure, it needed some TLC - but they were pleased as punch to have bought into their neighbourhood of choice. Their first priority was to refresh the kitchen, which had tired sagging cabinetry and outdated appliances. To unclutter the space, they gutted it entirely and installed a silent undermount rangehood, integrated right into brand new cabinetry over an induction cooktop. Finally, their vision for a bright modern kitchen with clean lines is a sparkling reality.

Undermount Rangehoods | UM1170-6S | Buy | Contact Us

2) The Serial Renovator


As a builder himself, Greg had always been particular about quality construction and finishes. When the time came for him to renovate his own investment property, he wanted to complement the wood cabinetry and subway-tiled kitchen aesthetics with the proudly exposed stainless-steel canopy of the ever-reliable silent wallmount rangehood. Now, all that remains is for his new tenants to discover the joys of silent cooking in their classic new kitchen.

Wallmount Rangehoods | WM2190-6S | Buy | Contact Us

3) The Family Cook

Photograph of a kitchen

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home for the Lees. As the matriarch of a multi-generational family, Mary frequently holds court around the cooktop at family celebrations and get-togethers. When it came to choosing a rangehood - it had to be powerful to cope with her high-spice cooking, and most importantly, to operate quietly so she could continue to have conversations with family whilst cooking up a storm. The Lees chose a silent island mount rangehood for their kitchen, and Mary has never been happier.

Island Mount Rangehoods | IS4110S | Buy | Contact Us

4) The Outdoor Entertainer


Eyes light up whenever people hear that Bill’s hosting the next pool party – because that always means a good time in their neighbour’s brand-new alfresco dining area. Making a bold design statement outdoors is his choice of a silent BBQ alfresco rangehood which makes short work of anything thrown on the barbie. Best part is, guests can converse while the grill is going full-on, cry from laughing (not the smoke), and enjoy the music without congregating around the hedge speakers.

BBQ Alfresco Rangehoods | CL7372S | Buy | Contact Us

5) The Designer Don


When the time came to design his forever home, Donnie took a sabbatical from his architectural practice to make sure not a single design element got left to chance. His attention to detail resulted in an awe-inspiring space of clean lines, sculpted shapes and textures that showcased the greenery just beyond the walls. Taking pride of place and mirroring his island bench is a silent ceiling cassette rangehood integrated right into a bulkhead for unblocked views of the great outdoors.

Ceiling Cassettes | UM4220-12S | Buy | Contact Us

21. Where to from here?

Please feel free to drop us a line should you require any further information - we’re only ever just a phone-call or email away on weekdays from 9am-5.30pm (AEST).


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