Always safer with a Schweigen

February 21, 2024
Always safer with a Schweigen
Always safer with a Schweigen

Only Schweigen silent rangehoods come with BAL-40 Isodrive® motors certified by CSIRO, plus free Schweigen SteelFlex® safety ducting.

For close to 20 years, Schweigen has protected Australian homes from the ill effects of noise and air pollution. Its silent rangehoods are powered by a patented motor system that was jointly developed with ebm-papst - the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors.

This innovative German-made Isodrive® motor is recognised as the quietest, most energy-efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. It is mounted uniquely outside of homes on the roof or external wall to take all noise, smoke and odours out from kitchens.

Schweigen silent rangehoods cannot be heard over the ambient noise at home and operate up to 3x more energy-efficiently than any internally-motored or onboard rangehood.

In line with increasing demand for better home protection against Australian bushfires, Schweigen’s Isodrive® rangehood motors now come with BAL-40 bushfire code certification by Australia's national science agency - the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation).

The most common danger faced by residents in bushfire-prone areas is ember attack - where burning debris are carried by the wind and land on or around a house. Gaps in window and door frames, roofing gaps and joints can easily allow burning embers to enter a home. Air vents such as kitchen rangehood exhaust vents can be a major entry point for burning embers.

Properly installed Isodrive® motors help prevent airbone embers from entering homes - improving the chances of homes surviving a bushfire and reducing the risk of resultant property damage.

Schweigen’s Isodrive® motors comply with the Australian Standard AS3959:2018 for construction materials in bushfire-prone areas, and comprise of motor components in a galvanized-steel housing that is designed and assembled by Schweigen in Australia. They are certified for resistance against up to 40 kW per square metre of radiant heat flux exposure, and the very high risk of ember attack.

CSIRO-certified BAL-40 Isodrive® Motor with Schweigen SteelFlex™ Safety Ducting

To further enhance the health and safety of homes, only Schweigen silent rangehoods come with free Schweigen SteelFlex™ high performance safety ducting.

This tri-layer tear-resistant UV-treated sleeve made of Shirikon Firemesh® is specifically designed for the quiet and efficient high-volume transfers of temperature-sensitive air. It is fire, pest and crush proof, antimicrobial treated, thermally insulated and acoustically dampened. All Schweigen SteelFlex™ products are guaranteed for life, and especially suited for installation in bushfire-prone areas.

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