Rangehoods of Sound Design

August 11, 2020
Rangehoods of Sound Design
Rangehoods of Sound Design

Design goals

The challenge in rangehood design has been to generate as much consistent extraction power, as quietly and efficiently as possible.​

To achieve this, Schweigen started by sourcing the quietest and most powerful domestic extraction fan available, and integrated the German-made, centrifugal fan technology into a Schweigen-designed motor system called the Isodrive®. 

However, even the quietest internal motor and fan generates noise. So having it vibrate noisily inside a rangehood canopy didn’t make sense. Neither did suspending it within the canopy - since that meant that the design of its internal structure would be driven by the need to support weight, rather than the need to eliminate noise. 

This is why Schweigen silent rangehoods have their Isodrive® motors installed externally of homes through the roof or wall, and come with free Schweigen SteelFlex™ high-performance safety ducting.

Without an internal motor, canopies are lighter and designed for optimal airflow and filtration. Kitchen exhaust is vented into the atmosphere, and fan noise is lost in the ambient surroundings. The only resulting sound in your kitchen is the airflow being pulled through the filters and ducting.

Most importantly, this air extraction is done in one seamless energy-efficient pull from the Isodrive® outside the home - unlike traditional internally-motored rangehoods that need to work twice as hard to first pull air into the canopy and then push it through ducting to the outdoors, introducing air turbulence and noise as it does so.

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