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Learn how experts banish noise and mould from their homes

April 19, 2024
Learn how experts banish noise and mould from their homes
Learn how experts banish noise and mould from their homes

As temperatures drop and homeowners boost indoor heating in tightly sealed residences, moisture generated by everyday activities will inevitably accumulate indoors if not adequately ventilated. This persistent condensation fosters the growth of mould and mildew, posing both structural damage risks to homes and health hazards to those residing within.

Volume 2 of the Building Code of Australia (2008) stipulates that a toilet, bath or shower room be adequately ventilated to reduce or eliminate odours, and to prevent condensation caused by steam from a shower or bath.

Where an indoor space cannot be naturally ventilated to the outdoors, the BCA mandates mechanical ventilation based on a Minimum Ventilation Flow Rate of 25L/s per bathroom or toilet.

Why an Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans operate by extracting pollutants and moisture - especially from elevated humidity areas like the kitchen and bathroom where these accumulate from cooking and showering.

Exhaust fans also help to expel unwanted odours, stagnant air and excess heat resulting from indoor activities. This creates a more comfortable indoor environment, and helps to reduce the burden on air-conditioning systems.

Enhancing air circulation and eliminating excess humidity and heat from indoors, exhaust fans help domestic heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems work more efficiently. This ultimately reduces homeowners’ energy costs and their environmental footprint.

Why Choose a Silent Exhaust Fan

Traditional exhaust fans often produce considerable noise. This is worsened if they are not made well, and as they age over time. This disruptive noise impacts one’s sleep quality and relaxation, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms where fans are commonly located.

Silent exhaust fans feature externally mounted motors, resulting in quiet operation indoors. This design is particularly suitable for households with night shift workers, neurodivergent individuals, babies, or light sleepers.

In addition to being ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms, silent exhaust fans are often installed in shared spaces like the kitchen and living room to manage moisture. Its silent operation here means enhanced comfort when there is zero interference to normal activities like watching TV, listening to music or engaging in conversation.

In home offices and the study where concentration and focus are required, noise can be a significant distraction. A silent exhaust fan ensures that air quality is maintained without distraction, leading to enhanced productivity and focus.

Schweigen Silent Exhaust Fans are available in various designs, finishes, motor options and even multi-room capabilities. This flexibility means that they can be integrated seamlessly into any home design. With the ability to vent multiple adjacent rooms using just the one motor, installation options include through the roof or wall configurations of your apartment, townhouse, single or multi-storey house.

With a proper make up air system installed and operating in tandem, Schweigen Silent Exhaust Fans extract 50-100L/s or 180-360 m3/hr to ensure proper ventilation - even with a shower running in cooler or humid climates. Most importantly, extracted air is vented to the outdoors through ducting and discharged to the atmosphere in compliance with with BCA's requirement.

Discover how experts like an interior designer, a builder and a tech reviewer reap the benefits of a Schweigen Silent Exhaust Fan in their own homes:

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