Schweigen IN. Oven Microwave Combi with Touch Display 60cm


Reflecting the latest kitchen trends, the sleek design of this built-in oven microwave combi is an all-in-one solution. It combines conventional oven function with independent microwave and grill – all of which can be used simultaneously.

Hot Air Circulation

As with a fan-forced oven, element heat is evenly distributed by the fan.

Quick Start 

One-touch starts the microwave with its highest power for one minute.

Combi Grill

Simultaneously using both microwave and grill elements, this function will give perfect end results for any grilled food. It guarantees thorough heating of the dish and a crisp finish.

Defrost by Time & Weight

This function allows you to defrost in a more convenient and hygienic manner than traditional methods.

Multi Wave System

A special system of ‘propagation of microwaves’ ensures perfectly uniform heating of food.

Stainless Steel Interior

A durable surface with known hygienic qualities, this high-grade interior will stand the test of time.

Child Lock

Locking of the control panel prevents the oven from being accidentally tampered with.

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Width 595mm
Height 456mm
Depth 569mm

Product Details

Product Code INMOC45B
Finish Matt Black
Fan Speed Levels 44L
Control Touch

Lights + Filters

Lights 1


Warranty 5 Years