Schweigen IN. Cooktop Gas Ceramic Black Glass 90cm


This award-winning, uniquely designed gas cooktop boasts child lock and auto reignition. With smart residual heat indicators, this sleekly finished cooktop is European design at its best.

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Auto Reignition

If the gas flame is accidentally extinguished, the flame will be automatically reignited.

Stable Cast Iron Pan Supports

The unique ergonomic design provides stability and is also ultra-lightweight for safety and comfort.

Flame Failure Safety Device

Gas supply will be cut off immediately if the flame is extinguished.

Gas Booster

A high-power burner (14.4mj) significantly reduces cooking time and also guarantees even heating of large pans.

Residual Heat Indicator

Alerts you that the heating zone remains hot even though its no longer in use.

Smooth Ignition

Ensures that burner ignition is always effortless.

Child Lock

Prevent the cooktop from being accidentally activated.

Flat Gas Burners

The low profile flange of the burner is sealed to the base. This significantly improves the appearance and makes the appliance easier to clean.


Width 890mm
Height 520mm
Depth 46mm

Product Details

Product Code INGG90B
Finish Black Glass
Control Knobs / Touch

Lights + Filters


Warranty 5 Years