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How to avoid and correct home moisture issues

May 5, 2020
How to avoid and correct home moisture issues
How to avoid and correct home moisture issues

Say no to mould

With many of us working and studying from home this winter, we are cranking up the heat in our increasingly sealed homes to retain warmth indoors. All that moisture from our daily activities accumulates in the indoor air and eventually condenses if not properly vented. ​

Persistent condensation damages home and content. It also triggers mildew and mould growth - providing perfect conditions for dust mites. Together, these exacerbate health problems like asthma, bronchitis and cause throat, eye, skin and nasal irritation.

Thanks to the Australian Building Codes Board - here are 10 tips to help reduce water vapour indoors:

  1. Ensure water vapours from showering and drying are ducted outdoors through exhaust fans. 
  2. Install ducted rangehoods that vent cooking steam to the outdoors. Do not depend on circulating rangehoods as these simply filter air for odours and grease before returning to the room.
  3. Cook with lids, and temper the heat accordingly.
  4. Ensure natural ventilation with open windows when the weather permits and outdoor humidity is low.
  5. Install a tumble dryer that ducts air outdoors. If not, do your indoor drying in a room that can be heated, ventilated and shut off from the rest of the building.
  6. Avoid light fixtures that allow warm, moist air into a colder roof space.
  7. Avoid unflued gas heaters and do not store large quantities of firewood indoors unless there is adequate ventilation.
  8. When installing spa baths or saunas, ensure provisions are made to remove high levels of water vapour.
  9. Keep lids on fish tanks.
  10. Avoid introducing indoor plants or water features to rooms with limited ventilation

Breathe easier

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