Luxury Silent Designer Rangehoods

March 11, 2021
Luxury Silent Designer Rangehoods
Luxury Silent Designer Rangehoods

Family communal space is an essential part of modern open living style kitchens. Schweigen has designed a silent, powerful and minimalistic range of domestic rangehoods with discrete visual impact to enhance it.

Introducing Schweigen’s Paradigma Silent Ceiling Cassette - winner of the 2020 Good Design Award for Outstanding Product Design and Innovation. It offers silent extraction and sleek styling, combining lighting and extraction in one. Paired with the German engineered silent Isodrive® motor, this luxurious rangehood system comes modular and is available in flexible configurations to complement any modern kitchen design.

Integrated into the ceiling, they whisk away steam and odours invisibly, silently and effectively - providing you with a much neater alternative to the traditional bulky island rangehood.

It sets a new standard for luxury and is perfect for homeowners who appreciate spacious interiors. The overall feeling of comfort in your home is greatly enhanced as you can now enjoy your roomy kitchen and living area without a bulky island rangehood blocking your views.

Kitchen illumination is greatly improved as these sleek units offer you the option of using the energy-efficient lighting feature, suitable for all occasions. The Paradigmas can fit into any kitchen and almost every ceiling height. They are also easy to instal land offer you excellent illumination where you cook.

Quality is difficult to describe it is more of a feeling of confidence. It means many things when you examine a product; you will sense the quality of materials, design concepts, inventiveness, warranty, research and testing all playing a vital role in to producing an excellent product.

Schweigen’s Paradigma won because it exceeds customers’ expectations - it not only looks good, but it is also functional without becoming over complicated. The final design is user-friendly, innovative and looks fabulous. Now that is quality.

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