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Best rangehoods for Indian and Asian cooking

August 2, 2021
Best rangehoods for Indian and Asian cooking
Best rangehoods for Indian and Asian cooking

Considering a Schweigen silent rangehood that suits your cooking style is easily one of the most important aspects of choosing your kitchen appliances. If you cook with many spices, high-temperatures, or deep fry quite regularly, then you know how important it is to have a silent yet powerful rangehood that is also energy-efficient and easy to clean.

A silent rangehood that suits your design, budget and daily cooking needs is important when starting a new kitchen renovation or building a new home. Here are some key considerations to help you pick the perfect one:

1) Silent Operation

Rangehoods that have their motors mounted outside of the home enable noise, smoke and odours to be removed from the kitchen. This means that you can interact with friends and family as you cook, without having to talk over a noisy rangehood roaring in your ears. Schweigen's silent rangehoods feature German-made Isodrive® motors that are installed outside of your home on the roof or wall- so you enjoy silent yet powerful extraction where you cook.

2) High Extraction Power

Finding the right motor to deal with intense smoke, steam, airborne grease and fumes is vital.Schweigen's patented Isodrive® motors are available with up to 3200 m3/hr airflow and recognised as some of the quietest, most efficient and powerful domestic extraction units available on the market today. They come with 10-year motor warranties, and are recommended by industry professionals for Indian and Asian cooking. Check out our motor guide to find out more.

3) Energy-Efficient

The Isodrive® motor performs air extraction in one seamless energy-efficient pull from the outside, as opposed to onboard rangehoods that suck in and then push cooking exhaust up the ducting against the force of gravity - introducing turbulence, noise and a drop in pressure as it does so.Having the motor removed from the canopy also means an internal structural design that is focused on airflow efficiency, rather than the need to support an internal motor and to suppress noise. An Isodrive® S1 650 motor paired with LED lighting runs on 57 watts, in comparison to competitor products which use a minimum of 180 watts -translating to more than 300% energy savings.

4) Externally Ducted

Rangehoods that vent kitchen exhaust outside of the home play an important role in protecting the quality of air in your home, the longevity of your home and its contents. Recirculating rangehoods should only be used in cases where ducting externally is not possible. Schweigen's catalogue includes externally-ducted and recirculating rangehoods to suit both scenarios. All Schweigen silent rangehoods come with quality ready-to-install ducting at no extra charge.

5) Convenient Features

The ability to vary your fan speed based on your cooking needs is useful as you're not likely to cook with high-heat or spice all the time. An auto-shutoff timer is beneficial as it helps to clear lingering food smells and automatically shuts off without you having to return to the kitchen to do so. This is useful especially when you have a Schweigen silent rangehood - they run so quietly that it's easy to forget that one's been left on sometimes. LED lighting is also essential since the rangehood overlooks your cooktop and you need dependable energy-efficient lighting while you cook. You'd be pleased to know that Schweigen's GU10 LED globes come with lifetime warranties.

6) Ease of Maintenance

Every homeowner knows the effort it takes to clean and maintain a home. Rangehoods deal with airborne nasties every time you cook, and if it works effectively, all that grease and oils gets trapped in the baffles or mesh filters. So, having filters you can chuck into the dishwasher is a godsend. Plus, Schweigen's dishwasher mesh filters and baffles come with lifetime warranties.

7) Designs and Budgets

Schweigen has one of the most extensive rangehood catalogues available, so there's a model to suit every individual cooking style, kitchen design and budget. Check out our Silent Rangehood Buying Guide for more information, or connect with us and we'll help you find one that's perfect for you.

In summary, the best rangehood for Asian and Indian cooking is one that's silent, powerful, energy-efficient, externally ducted, easy to clean and available with motor options, variety of styles and finishes to suit.

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