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Best hoods for Asian cooking

March 8, 2019
Best hoods for Asian cooking
Best hoods for Asian cooking

Considering a rangehood that suits your cooking style is easily one of the most important aspects of choosing your kitchen appliances. If you tend to cook with many spices, high- temperatures, or deep fry quite regularly, then you know how important it is to have a powerful and efficient kitchen fan exhaust.

An extraction fan that sits within your budget and, most importantly, meets your daily cooking needs, is important when starting a new kitchen renovation or building a new home. So, which rangehood is best for Indian and Asian cooking?

Externally mounted Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Rangehoods that have an externally mounted motor play an important role in removing grease, oils and odours - but this system also maintains the longevity of your kitchen investment.

Recirculating rangehoods should only be used in cases where ducting externally is not possible. Schweigen recirculating rangehoods come with high-quality charcoal filters that clean the air before it’s recirculated into the kitchen, - removing grease, fats and odours as it does so.

Rangehood extraction power

If you need a range hood for Asian cooking, or foods with high-spice content, choosing a rangehood kitchen fan exhaust with high extraction power is vital. Extraction power is measured in cubic metres per hour (m3/hr). More powerful than most competitors, Schweigens externally motored range of kitchen exhaust fans are measured from the point of extraction and range from 650m3/hr right through to 3200m3/hr.

Schweigens Isodrive® motors are recommended by industry professionals for Indian and Asian cooking for their incredible extraction power.

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