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August 9, 2019
Already in a store near you
Already in a store near you

Schweigen has teamed up with Tap Media to bring next-generation NFC-powered customer buying experience into major appliance retail stores Australia-wide.

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ and works via a wireless chip embedded inside price tickets. Now, all in-store retail customers have to do is to tap any Schweigen price ticket with their smartphone to retrieve the latest product information, buying guide and video on their mobile device.

NFC has proved to be invaluable in enhancing buyers’ access to relevant information in stores. Global brands such as Nike, Timberland, and Burberry have already made the leap and boosted revenue as a result. The use of NFC technology in appliance retailing during the sales process is a world-first, and proving to be one of Schweigen’s most exciting ventures.

Schweigen’s Managing Director, Anthony Fletcher, says he is “proud to be teaming up with the latest in consumer technology to help engage interest in Schweigen’s innovative silent technology” and comments that “with ever-changing technology and changes of buyers’ habits within the kitchen appliance industry, customers and sales associates need access to information – fast.”

CEO and Founder of Tap Media, Euan Wilson, says that “70% of shoppers research on a smartphone in-store, with the top 3 areas researched being product specifications, price comparisons, and customer reviews. We want to, provide the retailer with more control over how shoppers are using their smartphone in-store, and also deliver relevant information faster than they can research it themselves”.

Both Schweigen and leading retailers believe this technology will prove to be an intuitive and extremely useful part of the customers’ overall shopping experience.

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