Choosing Schweigen

Silent Rangehoods


The Isodrive® motor is silent - removed from the rangehood and mounted outside the home.

Australian owned company


We are an Australian owned, family business, that prides itself on delivering quality products built for the harsh Australian climate. 

Powerful odour removal


Our rangehoods extract heavy steam, smoke and unwanted cooking odours, leaving your kitchen fresher for longer.

German made


Built with quality and precision, the Schweigen silent Isodrive® guarantees performance and reliability for many years to come.

Energy efficient


Using a mere 57 watts to deliver high powered efficiency and energy savings of more than 300%.**

Lifetime Filter Warranty


Easy to remove, dishwasher safe, and guaranteed for the life of the filter.*

10 Year Motor Warranty


Offering customers peace of mind with a full 10 Year Warranty on all Isodrive® motors.***

Ducting included


Schweigen makes purchasing a rangehood easy. Every rangehood package comes with a right-sized acoustically-matched ducting kit comprising quality, fire-resistant materials. 

Australia-wide Service and Installation


An Australian based Customer Support team offers you the service and installation network you’d expect from such a premium product.***

Complete Ventilation Solutions


From indoor to outdoor rangehoods, externally mounted to in-wall motors, Schweigen has all your ventilation needs covered.

Gold Sponsors of KBDi


Schweigen is proud to be an official Gold sponsor for the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute.



The Schweigen silent story

The Schweigen silent rangehood solution is revolutionary, starting with a German fan and motor assembly, and acknowledged as the most quiet, efficient, and powerful domestic extraction unit available. Few of our competitors can deliver a silent solution because they don’t offer the same system.

We call it Isodrive®.

Schweigen’s patented Isodrive® solution takes the fan and motor out of the rangehood and mounts them outside the home on the roof, wall or eave. We also incorporate an ‘s’ bend into the flexi-ducting, which creates an easy solution for all installation requirements, while reducing noise and vibrations.

The only resulting sound you may notice in your kitchen is the airflow being pulled through the filters and ducting. The noise that is generated outside is overwhelmed by the ambient environment. We provide a motor ‘housing’ to protect the motor from weather elements. It is manufactured from the most highly durable ASA plastic or Colorbond® steel exclusive to Schweigen rangehoods.

Our filters are high quality too, and come with a Lifetime Warranty. We offer baffle and mesh filters that are easy to remove and safe to clean in the dishwasher. 

 Externally mounted rangehood motor

Powerful extraction

The silent Isodrive® motor system is engineered using the most advanced German made EBM motor and fan. Each of the different Isodrive® motor housings have been developed to carefully consider the best airflow. Built with a centrifugal fan, the Isodrive® motor system is designed to pull, rather than push the air through the rangehood. As a result, there is less airflow resistance, which enables the Isodrive® system to run more efficiently than a standard rangehood motor.

The patented motor system is available in 6 different extraction sizes to cater for all cooking needs. The Isodrive® 650 motor has been designed for light cooking such as boiling pasta, steaming vegetables and grilling chicken. For the more moderate cooks out there, we have the Isodrive® 900, suited for grilling steaks, shallow frying and baking casseroles. Designed for heavy cooking such as wok frying, heavy steaming and grilling, the Isodrive® 1600 is the perfect match for any Asian or Indian dish, as well as induction cooking.

We have extended our silent Isodrive® range to cater for home owners where installing a motor and ducting outside the home is not possible. The Endline Isodrive® motor is perfect for double storey buildings or apartments as it can be installed into an external wall.

For our ceiling cassette and alfresco range we offer the Isodrive® 3000 and Isodrive® 3200 motor combinations. Built with superior quality and precision, the Schweigen silent Isodrive® guarantees performance and reliability for years to come, that is why all Isodrive® motors come with a 10 year peace of mind warranty. 

 Powerful Rangehood Motors

3 times more energy efficient

The terms ‘energy efficient’ and ‘suction’, are often confused. Greater efficiency is often mistaken for greater suction. This is both incorrect and misleading. Greater suction can be easily achieved by applying more power. However, an increase in power leads to the consumption of more energy, making it less energy efficient.

Ideally, an appliance that requires the least amount of energy to complete the task at hand, is the most efficient. This is where Schweigen excels. The Isodrive® motor is not only the quietest extraction system, it is also the most energy efficient as the air is pulled through the system rather than pushed.

As a result of the Isodrive® design, the Schweigen silent rangehood systems use less energy to achieve the same task as traditional rangehoods. Traditional rangehoods use roughly 190 watts or more, whereas the Isodrive® 650 motor system paired with LED lighting runs on a mere 57 watts. That’s 3 times more efficient than a traditional rangehood!

Energy efficiency


* The period during which the Lifetime Filter Warranty is in effect will depend upon the life of your appliance.

** Efficiency varies between power options.

*** Isodrive® motor has a 10 year product warranty. This Warranty covers fan and motor units only. For more information please refer to your warranty card. Excluding the BR500.

**** Does not apply to remote and rural areas in Australia.