Perimeter Aspiration Explained


What is Perimeter Aspiration and how does it work?

The Perimeter Aspiration (P.A.) system uses an additional panel of glass or stainless steel to create a ‘venturi’ effect, which helps to capture smoke, steam, grease and oil more effectively.

Airborne particles from the cooktop are targeted to the outer perimeter of the canopy where intake is restricted, it is this narrow space which causes an increase in airflow velocity.

The quicker the airborne particles are captured, the less ‘leakage’ there is into the surrounding cooking zone. This technology is particularly effective because it relies upon the high extraction power of the Schweigen silent Isodrive® motors.

Perimeter Aspiration system panels are easy to clean and open in order to access and remove the filters underneath, for safe cleaning in the dishwasher.

Which Schweigen rangehoods have it? 

Undermounts: UM-PA9S

Wallmounts: DS3326-9S, DS3326B-9S & WM-EX90S 

Ceiling Cassettes: UM1000-1S, UM4220-12S & UM422G-12S 

Perimeter Aspiration

Perimeter Aspiration Explained