The project was an intimate and rewarding experience from start to finish. Architect Marcus Browne worked closely with his client to build a recluse cave-like atmosphere, complete with the ability to control audio and lighting effects directly from her iPad - thus creating and curating multifaceted moods in but a moment.

The result is devastatingly beautiful, and powerful design - featuring fully-fledged solar power, sustainably sourced materials, emotive light wells and thoughtfully reflective outback landscaping. Complete with a small cabin for guests and a dynamic entertainment area boasting cutting-edge stackable doors - the entire space is at once a warm, secluded hideaway and an elemental expanse inviting uniquely sharable experiences.

We're so delighted to see our sleek, understated UM4220-12S complement the ground-breaking, yet supremely grounded design aesthetic.Product: UM4220-12SPhotographer: Dion RobesonArchitect: Marcus Browne Architecture‍‍

  • Photographer: Dion Robeson
  • Architect: Marcus Browne Architecture
  • Product feature: UM422G-12S
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