Bauhaus Projects, renowned for their attention to detail and functional approach to design, recently undertook a remarkable project: crafting an open-planned living kitchen for their young family. The project aimed to seamlessly blend cooking, dining, and socializing in an open space, while utilising natural materials that fit within the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

Among the challenges faced was integrating a Schweigen Undermount Silent rangehood into a kitchen with a raked ceiling.  A key feature was the Schweigen Undermount Silent rangehood, known for its silent operation and sleek design. However, the raked ceiling posed installation complexities. Bauhaus Projects' innovative solutions created a purpose-built bulkhead that included incorporating soundproof insulation to absorb noise, preventing disturbances, and utilizing Soundstop® plasterboard to minimize sound transmission between areas.

The result is a masterpiece of build quality and a functional outcome. The kitchen flawlessly incorporates the rangehood, showcasing Bauhaus Projects' ingenuity to not only ensure acoustic harmony but also exemplify the builders' commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

Bauhaus Projects' success in creating a harmonious open-planned living kitchen demonstrates their prowess in tackling challenges while enhancing family spaces. Their philosophy of innovative design shines through, setting new standards in thoughtful design. The kitchen stands as a testament to their ability to transform spaces into functional and visually stunning environments.

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