Trudy and Ian embarked on a journey of revitalising their 1950s home after purchasing it a few years ago. Walls were dismantled, the kitchen underwent a complete overhaul, and a more functional, open living space emerged.

One captivating feature is the curved return kitchen bench adorned with mosaic tiling, harmonising with the bench's graceful curves. Opting for a return bench from the east wall, they created a single entry point into the kitchen, enhancing the flow of the space. The elongated design not only provides ample prep area for cooking but also serves as a breakfast bar for delightful moments with the grandkids.

Having owned a Schweigen rangehood before, they opted for the Silent UM-9S undermount rangehood. Concealed beneath the cabinetry, with the Isodrive® motor installed externally, this unit operates silently and discreetly, targeting and eliminating airborne grease and odours from the kitchen without compromising the ambience.

Trudy, with her passion for pre-loved and vintage items, played a pivotal role in styling the home. The décor seamlessly connects the indoors with the scenic pool view beyond the dining room, mirroring the earthy tones embraced throughout the interior.

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