Contemporary. Inviting. Exclusive. The talented team at Laxale seamlessly blended modernity and coastal design elements together to create the striking Bangalay Residences at 5 Dalley Street, Queenscliff. 

This four-bedroom, 258 sqm apartment building emphasizes both form and function, incorporating high-end finishes and elements of nature to reflect the equally breathtaking environment surrounding Bangalay Residences. This building is defined by multiple outdoor spaces where tenants can entertain and relax, thrilling master suites, stellar media rooms, and even secure basement parking with all-inclusive lift access. Better yet, residents of Bangalay Residences have plenty to do with Freshwater Village (schools, shops, and more), Queenscliff Beach, and Manly Lagoon only a few minutes away. At home, they can enjoy amenities such as full-size internal laundry, marble-finished bathrooms with heated floors and towel rails, and five-zone air conditioning with WiFi capabilities. 

Speaking to the finer details of this project, Laxale took care to integrate into Bangalay Residences a multitude of top-of-the-line, energy-efficient appliances that are both functional and luxurious. Found directly above the range in Bangalay Residences’ kitchens is the silent UM1170-9S rangehood. Tucked out of sight inside the cabinetry, the Schweigen Silent Undermount Rangehood 900mm serves to eliminate odours, steam, and other airborne contaminants to keep tenants’ kitchens clean, safe, and healthy. It also features soft-touch controls, LED lighting, and dishwasher-safe mesh filters to ensure ease of use and operation.

The UM1170-9S is powered by the German-made Isodrive® motor, which is one of the quietest and most efficient rangehood motors available today. This Isodrive® motor pulls contaminants out of the apartment and through the installed Schweigen SteelFlex™ high-performance safety ducting to release them outside. 

Much like the other elements of the UM1170-9S, Schweigen SteelFlex™ ducting redefines the rangehood by ensuring that residents have antimicrobial, tear-resistant, and fireproof ducting designed for their safety and peace of mind. This ensures safe operation and eliminates the threat of pests, mould, or damage to the rangehood’s ducting system.

The Bangalay Residences of 5 Dalley Street, Queenscliff, are an excellent example of how modern luxury and natural elements can be blended together to create an exclusive yet warm and inviting space. The team at Laxale did an excellent job at creating apartments that tenants are sure to enjoy for years to come, whether they’re enjoying the amenities of the apartments themselves or taking a stroll to discover what the area has to offer. 

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