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Why mesh filters work best on rangehoods

January 13, 2022
Why mesh filters work best on rangehoods
Why mesh filters work best on rangehoods

Whether you are searching for a new home or renovating your current one, paying close attention to the appliances that come with your home or those you purchase is crucial to getting the best possible use of your space.

Take your rangehood, for example. It may look like just an appliance to help get rid of cooking exhaust. There are, however, several key factors to ensure you get the most out of it – whilst better protecting your health and the longevity of home fittings and contents.

In this guide, we will review the benefits of fine mesh filters versus baffles, especially with regards noise and effectiveness in filtering out airborne grease.

Despite being a popular aesthetic in rangehoods, baffles are just not as effective as mesh filters in trapping grease and oils. By design, they significantly reduce airflow yet require sufficient velocity through them so grease-saturated air molecules can even be captured when they cannot change direction fast enough.

To achieve this, rangehoods with baffles typically need to operate at high speeds and are also noisier due to airflow being pulled quickly and sharply over multiple edged panes.

Advantages of fine mesh filters

Fine mesh filters are designed to trap contaminants whilst ensuring maximum airflow, and minimize pressure drops that affect performance.

They comprise stacked layers of fine stainless steel or aluminum mesh with cross-directional patterns intersecting one another. As the airborne grease, fats and oils are forced to rapidly change direction through the fine mesh layers, the heavy pollutants get trapped within. Mesh filters are more effective at capturing finer airborne pollutants, while their light material construction mean that they typically perform quieter. 

They are also easy to remove, dishwasher-safe and come with lifetime warranties.

Risks of filter inefficiencies

Having a rangehood that doesn’t perform up to par means cooking exhaust, grease, smoke, steam and odours don’t get dealt with effectively. Indoor air quality gets compromised and this has serious impact to health of home residents, longevity of the house, fittings and contents. Over time, cooking grease may also congeal on rangehood internals and ducting, attracting bacteria, mould and pests. Left unaddressed, these can lead to increased risks of rangehood breakdowns and fires.


Rely on Schweigen rangehoods that simply perform better

Schweigen is a climate-positive company behind Australia’s top-selling silent rangehoods that come with premium components like fine mesh filters, Schweigen SteelFlex® high-performance safety ducting and German-made Isodrive® motors.

Coupled with a 10-year motor warranty, lifetime-warranties on filters and LED globes, plus world-class service and support – your next choice of a silent, powerful and beautiful rangehood really couldn’t be simpler.

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