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Get sleek with silent undermounts

May 10, 2019
Get sleek with silent undermounts
Get sleek with silent undermounts

Hidden underneath cabinetry or specially designed rangehood features, undermount rangehoods are not seen as they actively, efficiently and effectively extract airborne grease, oils and odours from the kitchen. The concealed design of these rangehoods is perfect for home renovators and builders who desire a fully integrated kitchen – enhancing continuous, sleek, modern lines.

When looking for the perfect undermount rangehood, there are a couple of notes to consider when achieving the ultimate sleek, integrated and modern kitchen.

Consider the noise

A silent rangehood is highly recommended by many architects, interior designers and rangehood experts!

Revolutionary to the kitchen appliance market, silent rangehoods have become increasingly popular as an effective solution to remove grease, fats and oils from your kitchen. Schweigen are the Australian-owned pioneers of silent rangehoods.

Schweigen leaps ahead with their revolutionary German engineered silent Isodrive® motor system. The system works by removing the internal motor (which is what causes an annoying and noisy rangehood) and placing it outside the home, leaving your kitchen free of unwanted noise, odour, and grease particles.

What style of cooking do you mostly do?

Some websites may claim that undermount rangehoods do not have very good extraction, due to a limited catchment area. This is not the case with Schweigen rangehoods for various reasons:

  • We strongly suggest specific positioning for your undermount, or any style of rangehood, to receive the most effective and efficient extraction of grease, oils and fats.
Correct Rangehood Placement
  • A powerful motor, such as the Isodrive® motor system, will be strong enough to remove all grease and unwanted odours specific to your style of cooking. Do you do light cooking and steaming? Or do you cook at higher temperatures, including deep-frying and stir-fries? Then a stronger motor option such as the Isodrive® SP motor will be tailored best to suit your cooking style.

Find out more about our range of powerful, silent motor systems here.

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