Isodrive Rangehood Motors

Rangehood Motors

Revolutionary Isodrive® extraction

The Schweigen silent rangehood revolution starts with a German made EBM motor and fan – the Isodrive® - which is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. Placing it externally outside your home ensures silent extraction inside your kitchen while being able to handle any cooking needs.

First choose your rangehood, then let us help you select the Isodrive motor that best suits your cooking needs.

Single External Motor (Isodrive 650)

S1 650 Isodrive Motor

S1-650 Details>

S1-650 Spec Sheet>

Download S1 650 Manual>

Standard External Motor (Isodrive 900)

ST 900 Isodrive Motor

ST-900 Details>

ST-900 Spec Sheet>

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Powerful External Motor (Isodrive 1600)

SP 1600 Isodrive Motor

SP-1600 Details>

SP-1600 Spec Sheet>

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Twin Powerful External Motor (Isodrive 3000)

SP2 3000 Twin Isodrive Motors

SP2-3000 Details>

SP2-3000 Spec Sheet>

Download SP2 3000 Manual>

Extreme External Motor (Isodrive 3200)

SE 3200 Isodrive Motor

SE-3200 Details>

SE-3200 Spec Sheet>

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Endline Isodrive 1350

SEL 1350 Endline Isodrive Motor

SEL-1350 Details>

SEL-1350 Spec Sheet>

Download SEL 1350 Manual>

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