Isodrive Rangehood Motors

Matching your cooking style & motor power


The Schweigen silent rangehood revolution starts with a German-made EBM motor and fan called the Isodrive®. This motor is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. Placing it externally outside your home ensures silent extraction inside your kitchen while being able to handle any cooking needs.

Firstly, decide where you’d like the rangehood to be. Discreetly mounted as an undermount, the classic option of a wallmount, modern entertaining with an island hood above a central benchtop, or a dynamic new ceiling cassette. For outdoor rooms and patio dining areas, we have the Alfresco hoods, and for every other room in the house, our multi-purpose exhaust fan has you covered. 

Whichever you choose, we have the right motor to best suit your cooking needs. Dishes high in spice ingredients or with intense smoke generated from a wok or grill, require much stronger extraction power to perform effectively.

Isodrive Power Options


S1 650 Isodrive Motor


ST 900 Isodrive Motor


SP 1600 Isodrive Motor


SP2 3000 Isodrive Motor


SE 3200 Isodrive Motor

Installing your new Schweigen rangehood

To maximise the performance of your rangehood, it’s important to select a motor power option that suits the cooking technique you use the most.

Now that you’ve chosen where your rangehood will be in your kitchen, and which motor best suits your cooking needs - it’s time for the exciting install. For a new kitchen, your architect or builder will be best-placed to recommend the right hood placement for your home layout. For an existing kitchen area, motors are most commonly installed in the roof or wall.

Isodrive Motor Installation

Our smallest motor, the S1.650, is the only rangehood we would recommend installing in your eave, as weight is a consideration. If you have any installation questions at all, feel free to give our friendly team a call directly on 1300 881 693, email or ask any of our recommended installers for guidance.

Installation Examples