Our Team and Pets

Meet our People and our Pets

If a company is its people, Schweigen is truly unique. 

We’re a hardworking, quality bunch of authentic and quirky individuals.

Schweigen MD Anthony Fletcher has worked in the Appliances Industry for 25+ years, and over that time, he’s met a myriad of very interesting people. As such, a huge part of the strong culture and community vibe of the national Schweigen team is the ability to celebrate and harness individuality. We’re all different, and our unique skillsets forge together to create an environment of innovative product development, strategic research, commitment to industry and an energetic creativity that is second to none. As a fast-growing local Aussie company, we’re dedicated to ensuring our products are quality and our customer service and aftercare are worth writing home about. We’d rather you hear about our customers’ experiences straight from the source, so please check out our testimonials page while you’re here.

Quality without compromise

“We have built an enviable reputation by offering the finest silent rangehood solution in the market today. Because of this success, we are proud to showcase our complete kitchen offering. Our partnership with European designers and manufacturers allows us to continue to provide appliances that represent quality and outstanding value to Australian homes. In fact, I’m so confident with the quality of this product, every Schweigen IN. appliance comes with a 5 year warranty.

10 years of the Schweigen story

Schweigen is a leading Australian owned, kitchen appliance brand. Designing Australia's most efficient silent rangehoods we have built a reputation in the market by providing innovative, stylish and premium appliances for every household. Silent Rangehoods: Our revolutionary silent rangehood concept begins by having the motor removed from the canopy and placing it externally outside your home. This ensures silent extraction inside your kitchen while being able to sport powerful German made motors that can handle any cooking needs. The Schweigen Isodrive® motors are also amongst the most energy efficient in the market, requiring just 62 watts of power to run, compared to the competition which use a minimum of 180 watts! With sleek designs, packed with features and extreme durability, our products combine the best of European styling and Australian toughness. Silent, powerful, stylish and efficient - what more could you want from a rangehood? 

Launching soon

Meet the people behind the products.

At Schweigen, we’re convinced that our people make us who we are. So, we’d love for you to meet them. Each month, we’ll introduce you to another member of our fantastic team. First up is Winnie. She’s a pocket-rocket, a superstar with a hand-drill and also happens to be an accounting whiz. Got a question you’d like us to ask her? Email digital@schweigen.com.au before March 1st, and she’ll answer you, right here.