Making the Switch

Why Schweigen has moved to LEDs


Why LEDs?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode - an electrical component that can produce a spectrum of colours easily and brightly while using very little electricity to do so. They also generate very little heat, meaning almost all the energy consumed is turned into light. Halogen lights, in comparison, use around 90% of their energy giving off heat, making them very hot to touch and extremely energy inefficient.

Additionally, the lifetime of an LED globe is around 50 times longer than that of the average incandescent bulb.

A brilliant investment

An appliance that requires the least amount of energy to complete the task at hand, is the most efficient. At Schweigen, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the most powerful rangehood products whilst guaranteeing energy efficiency. That is why almost all our products come with LED lights.

For example, one of our biggest and strongest silent rangehood- the UM4220-12S, is a stylish stainless-steel cassette rangehood that installs discreetly into the bulkhead or ceiling and comes with 6 integrated LED lights so you enjoy wide-angle illumination over your cooktop, and a silent odour-free kitchen.

Schweigen UM4220-12S Silent Ceiling Cassette 

Kitchen Design by Mal Corboy Designs

We are so confident that our LED GU10 globes will stand the test of time that we provide replacement warranty on them for the life of your rangehood. Please check your warranty for specific terms and conditions that may apply to your product.

LED Lifetime Warranty 

Still in the dark?

Find out more about why you should consider a Schweigen rangehood here. And if you prefer to speak to someone about a sales-related enquiry, please reach out to us at 1300 881 693. We look forward to hearing from you.