Schweigen IN. Multifunction Oven with Touch Display & Selector Dials 60cm


With 100% extendable telescopic guides to support heavy dishes, a soft open and soft close door system and an ultra precise temperature probe, the IN10EB sets a new benchmark for multifunction ovens.

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Ergo Display

Touch sensitive display with traditional dials,
10 heating functions and auto start and stop function.

Telescopic Guides  

100% extension of the oven trays, even when heavily loaded. Glide dishes in and out with ease, while significantly reducing the risk of burns.

Soft Open and Soft Close System

The soft open and soft close hinging system of the door makes using the oven safer, quieter and more pleasurable.

Click & Go System

A quick and easy ‘Click & Go’ system allows you to relocate the guides to any rack position.

Illuminated Handle 

The strip light shows that the oven is in operation, but also a cool off indicator corresponding to the internal temperature.

Temp Probe

Measures precise internal temperature of food and automatically switches off, emitting an aural alert once the set temperature has been reached.

Illuminated Dials

Whilst illumination is a decorative element, it also clearly denotes the oven's operation mode.

Rapid Preheating

Achieve the desired temperature in the shortest time. Heating up to a temperature of 150°C in 4 minutes, 20% faster than the standard time.

i-Light Space

Two halogen side mounted offset lights enable you to see the interior when cooking on multiple levels.

Procook Roasting Trays

The hexagonal 'honeycomb' perforated design pools fat away from roasting food, making it healthier and less likely to stick to the tray. 


Width 595mm
Height 595mm
Depth 575mm

Product Details

Product Code IN10EB
Finish Matt Black
Control Touch & Dial

Lights + Filters

Lights 2 x Oven Lights
Light Wattage 25


Warranty 5 Years