Schweigen IN. Cooktop Induction Ceran 60cm


From a rapid boil to the gentlest melt, and everything in between, Schweigen [IN.] induction cooktops deliver outstanding performance with ultimate temperature control.

Preset Cooking Temperatures

Effortlessly adjust to an accurate heat. 42°C is ideal for melting butter and chocolate, 70°C for reheating soups and casseroles, 94°C for pasta or rice without the mess.

Square Heating Zones

Innovative square inductors ensure you get complete coverage to the base of your pot, even popular griddle plates.

Bridge Function

You can combine two heating zones and control them simultaneously.

Direct Touch Control Slider

You can set power and time for each heating zone by sliding your finger across the digital display.

Stop & Go

Pause all active functions at a touch. When you return, one more touch restores your original settings.

4 X Booster

This feature allows you to borrow power from an adjacent zone to achieve a more rapid boil.

Child Lock

Prevent the cooktop from being accidentally activated.

Residual Heat Indicator

Alerts you that the heating zone remains hot even though it is no longer in use.


You can set a cooking time for each individual zone of your cooktop.

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Width 576mm
Height 518mm
Depth 55mm

Product Details

Product Code INID60
Finish Black Glass
Control Touch

Lights + Filters


Warranty 5 Years