Carrot Cake Muffins Recipe


This surprisingly light gluten free muffin is so easy to make it will soon become a family favourite. Having all the goodness of natural ingredients, perfect for vegetarians, paleo diets (please note the variations) and health conscious families, these muffins are not only delicious but a delight to eat. Add vanilla mascarpone or a cream cheese icing, topped with your favourite muesli and seasonal berries – now you have the perfect balance of a light and healthy quick snack.

Serves: Makes 36 mini muffins, 12 – 16 larger muffins
Cooking Time: 15 – 20 minutes for mini muffins, 20 – 30 minutes for larger/Texas style muffins
Level: Beginner
Cooking Type:  Baking
Functions: Oven -  Fan Assist or Conventional


  • 175g brown sugar
  • 150ml olive oil
  • 3 large eggs lightly beaten
  • 140g grated carrots (about 3 medium)
  • 100g sultanas
  • ½ cup pecans
  • 175g SR flour
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 orange (zest)


  1. Preheat the Schweigen IN. oven to 180c using Fast Heat Up. (For optimum results function used for baking should be Fan Assist Function i.e. Top & Bottom Elements with Fan). Oil and line the base and sides of an 18cm square cake tin with baking paper.

  2. Place sugar in large mixing bowl, pour in the oil and add the eggs. Lightly mix with a wooden spoon. Stir in grated carrot, sultanas, pecans and orange rind.

  3. Mix the flour and bicarbonate of soda, then sift into a bowl. Lightly mix all the ingredients. The mixture will be soft and almost runny.

  4. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin and bake on shelf 3 for 40 – 45 minutes, or until the cake feels soft and springy. Cool in tin for 5 minutes, then turn out. Peel baking paper off cake and cool on wire rack.

 Carrot Cake Muffins

Schweigen IN. suggestions: 

This cake works well as a snack bar or as muffins. Because of the smaller volume, cooking time is cut down to approx. 20 minutes.

Ice muffins, bars or cake with a spreadable cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla essence mixture (made to your taste) and top with your favourite muesli or granola mix. Add some raspberries for a pop of colour.

Gluten Free or Paleo Inspired Variations:

Gluten Free: Substitute your favourite gluten free flour for the plain flour

Paleo Inspired: Try using a mixture of Almond Meal, Tapioca Flour and Baking Powder instead of your flours.  (175 g Almond Meal, 150g Tapioca flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder) Your cake/muffins will be light and fluffy with the extra baking powder.

Paleo: Instead of using brown sugar to make this recipe, try adding 10 medjool dates with some maple syrup (to taste). Use the above paleo inspired changes to complete recipe.