Silent Rangehoods

Engineering Silent Power

Powerful German engineering and elegent European design combine to bring you silent rangehoods capable of withstanding the harsh Australian climate. The energy efficient Isodrive motor is placed outside the home in the eve or roof, removing oil, grease and fat particles as it goes. Designed to be a stunning design statement in any kitchen, choose from Undermount, Wallmount, Ceiling Cassette or Island rangehoods in a range of motor power options to suit your cooking needs.

Select your rangehood style


Perfectly adaptable for any kitchen wall area, our stunning range of island hoods will leave you spoiled for choice. 

Ceiling Cassette

Stunning, sleak, modern and so silent you'll have to point them out to your guests. 
Cassette Hoods


Clever design, user friendly features and fantastic warranties. 

Island Mount

Supremely adaptable, our Island Hoods will fit into even the most modern of kitchen design plans. 
Island Hoods

Energy Efficient

The Schweigen silent story

A Schweigen silent rangehood is silent, powerful, and reliable, coming with a 10 year motor warranty. It is a breath of fresh air, removing grease, smoke and odours from your kitchen and home. Featuring European design and a German engineered motor, Schweigen is Australian owned and family run. An externally mounted motor system brings you the next generation of kitchen technology.

Gather around a Schweigen silent rangehood and tell your stories, without interruption or disturbance. Enjoy features and benefits such as high quality stainless steel finishing, energy efficient LED lights for stunning cookspace illumination and a convenient 15 minute auto-shut-off. Schweigen rangehoods are intelligent, peaceful, and sophisticated. They are built to last and add benefit and value to your home, all whilst clearing the air and accentuating conversation in your kitchen entertainment hub.