Schweigen Silent Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan


This eco-friendly and energy efficient Isodrive multi-purpose exhaust system is ideal for every household - the ideal way to hygienically remove smells without using chemicals - silently. This will keep your toilet, bathroom and laundry smelling fresh.

The revolution starts with a German made EBM motor and fan which is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today. However, even the quietest motors and fans still generate noise. Using Schweigen's renowned concept and placing the motors externally, anyone can easily achieve the sound of...... silence.

The magic of the Schweigen Isodrive fan is its ability to whisk away odours in seconds unlike the noisy conventional fan systems which seem to take forever. The Isodrive fan removes all odours immediately, also reducing airborne bacteria. Odours disappear at the flick of a switch, so being repelled by household odours becomes a thing of the past.
Isodrive installation will:

  • Hygienically remove smells and bacteria without the use of chemicals
  • Whisk away odours and steam in seconds - 650 m3/hr airflow
  • Reduce airborne bacteria
  • Prevent bathroom mould
  • About Isodrive:
  • Australia's most energy efficient venting system
  • Australia's most powerful venting system
  • German engineered and manufactured motor
  • Australian designed Isodrive venting system
  • 5 year warranty


Width 0mm
Height 0mm
Depth 0mm

Product Details

Product Code BR500
Stainless steel finish
Fan Speed Levels 1

Lights + Filters

Halogen Lights
Light Wattage
Dishwasher safe aluminium filters
Filter Type
Filter Qty


Warranty on Motor 10 Years
Warranty on Canopy 3 Years
Warranty on Filters Lifetime