Schweigen rangehoods are the epitome of class and functionality. They combine aesthetics, performance and quality to provide rangehoods that suit all types of kitchens and surroundings. Our silent rangehoods use the Isodrive motor system which sits externally outside your home ensuring you a peaceful, quiet kitchen. These motors are German made and are also amongst the most powerful and efficient available in the market. Stunning aesthetics and brilliant performance all the while being silent! What more could you want from a rangehood?

Need help selecting the right rangehood?

Blue Light Canopy 900mm (Silent)

Designer Rangehood 600mm (Silent)

Single External Motor (Isodrive 650)

Twin External Motor (Isodrive 650)

Professional BBQ Rangehood 1200mm (Silent)

Twin Powerful External Motor (Isodrive 1600)

Multipurpose Exhaust System

Undermount Rangehood 900mm (Silent)

Paradigma S/S Ceiling Rangehood (Silent)

Professional BBQ Rangehood 1500mm (Silent)

Cassette Silent Rangehood 1200mm Stainless...

Cassette Silent Rangehood 1200mm Black Glass