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The Ultimate Designer Rangehoods

From Schweigen Home Appliances comes the latest in kitchen innovation! Klasse by Schweigen rangehoods are the symposium of class and style. Known for their modern, elegant designs, this new line of rangehoods are now available on the market.

Completely European in nature, there is a style to fit every kitchen and a kitchen to fit every style. Sleek, ornate, and elite in its class, this line up will capture the hearts of designers and novices alike.

Welcome to the new sound of silence.

These new rangehoods come equipped with the IsoDrive motor system which is the quietest and most powerful domestic extraction motor and fan available. The motors are placed externally outside your home to generate little to no noise inside your kitchen. So while the noise is eliminated, the airflow performance excels, creating the ideal balance between power and silence. A gourmet of sight and sound for the senses!

Available in this new line of rangehoods are some of the most contemporary, advanced, and up-to-date fixtures. Sure to please even the most discerning eye, while still maintaining its excellent performance. A peek into the new lineup shows:


Stainless steel or white lacquered finishing, perimeter suction, deferred stop, 4 energy saving lamps, 4 speeds, remote control, and 300 X 300mm dimensions. This unique rangehood is the first modular suction system designed to go unnoticed in the kitchen ceiling with its aesthetic similar to a ceiling light. The Paradigma creates an atmosphere of light in the kitchen with both suction and lighting spots with the same design and appearance.

Inart 4M

Stainless Steel finish, perimeter suction, 8 aluminum filters, deferred stop, 10 LED lights, 4 speeds, remote control, and 2000 x 1000mm dimensions. This rangehood is made to take the heat of a semi-professional kitchen.


Stainless Steel and glass finish, 4 aluminum filters, deferred stop, perimeter suction, LED lights, 4 speeds, remote control, and 1300 x 800 mm dimensions. Described as a new revolutionary overhead extractor, it is recessed and disappears into the ceiling, transforming itself into a glass surface ceiling fixture that illuminates the kitchen.

Occasionally, a product will come out on the market that is exceptional, and changes the face of innovation. Our products at Schweigen Home Appliances continue to out-do themselves with every new line of rangehoods. Which is why we pride ourselves in being one of the leading rangehood companies in Australia today!

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