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Schweigen Silent Rangehoods; Packed with Features!

Schweigen Silent Rangehoods have a fidelity that satisfies customers Australia-wide. When our customers buy our rangehoods, they gain some of the most efficient, powerful and quietly operating rangehoods on the market. 

  1. The silent rangehoods come equipped with ducting kits which saves the consumer the hassle and expense of purchasing such kits separately.
  2. The flexi duct included is fire rated for safety and reduces the noise in the system over rigid and semi rigid ducting.
  3. The German made motors are powerful, reliable, and efficient as well as coming equipped with 10 year warranty.
  4. The canopies themselves are stylish, durable and are backed with 3 year warranty.
  5. The stainless steel mesh filters are dishwasher safe making them easy to clean and come with lifetime warranty (applies to all classic silent rangehoods), meaning you will never have to worry about old rusty filters again.
  6. The rangehoods are also very energy efficient, over 3 times more efficient than standard hoods in the market.
  7. The IsoDrive system not only removes smoke but also removes all odour from the kitchen and home.
  8. And off course as the name suggests they are “Silent”, meaning you no longer have to hear the sound of a jet engine everytime you cook a family meal.

With all these features and more it’s no wonder why Schweigen is Australia’s Number One Silent Rangehood Company.

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