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Stunning Kitchen Photography Using Your iPhone

Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography Game

Flash-back a decade and some bloke called Steve has launched a suss-looking bit of accessorised technology called the “iPhone” - taking the world by storm.

Up until this moment, taking a great photo had been left in the hands of professional photographers. If you wanted to have a crack yourself, it’d be laborious; you'd have to buy a fancy camera, spend countless weeks learning editing software and invest some serious time and energy into learning to use both. Bleurgh.

Don’t worry. It’s 2017 now, and thanks to years of advancing mobile phone tech + editing apps that come pre-installed (many for free!) - we can now take high-quality photos and edit them all from the same device that we use to call the pizza guy. And friends + family (but let’s not pretend the pizza guy isn’t #1 on speed-dial. It is, after all, usually an emergency).

Make no mistake, though: taking a great photo on your smartphone is not as simple as pointing and shooting. There are plenty of bad smartphone photos out there. I'm sure you've seen at least a few. So, what's the secret to taking great pictures of your kitchen with your smartphone, then? Check out these tips below to improve your smartphone photography game:

1. Natural lights, iPhone camera, Action

Throw open all your curtains and allow as much natural light into your kitchen. Photography is all about light and natural, daylight is the by far, the easiest to work with. Try photographing the kitchen with your overhead lights on and with the lights off. It makes a difference:

2. When the time is right

With this last tip in mind, time your camera shot during the daylight hours. Trying to take a snap of a kitchen space at night, with solely interior lights and your Phone flash is a recipe for disaster. Wait till the morning, brew up a cuppa and get snappin during the day.

3. Money talks. Style doesn’t have to!

Giving your kitchen a little extra love and tlc before photographing can make all the difference. Adding some fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit has an immediate impact on the way your kitchen looks and feels. Focus on the details that make the space unique to you, such as your imported coffee collection, recipe books, or colourful utensils… This will help the image really pop! Show us the ins and outs of your individual space.

5. No-one likes a flasher!

So pretty please, turn off your flash. Even basic point-and-shoot cameras are getting better in low-light situations, and your camera's flash will never be able to light a room well. With your camera on a steady tripod, you can have a long exposure and a natural-light feeling to the photo without getting a blurry shot. If you don’t want the photo to be blurry during the long exposure, put the self-timer on and let the camera settle.

6. Clean me

Any spots on the camera lens are going to interfere with your mobile pictures to a pretty significant degree and are often overlooked. You don't necessarily need anything special for the job though.. Simply wiping with a clean cloth will sort it in most cases. Using a cotton swab very lightly dampened with distilled water is another option if you need to clean specks of dirt that are on the top of the lens.

Smartphone game = BOSS Level

Hope these tips help you create the most beautiful photos of your kitchen! Good Luck!

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