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Kirra Bell Talks Cooking With Kids!

When I think of the memories that I would like to create with my two young children, spending time cooking and creating in the kitchen together as a family is most definitely on the top of my list. Both of my children love to cook and my son especially is always keen to try out new recipes and cooking experiments. The kitchen to them is a place of creativity, mess and most importantly a place to hang out with mum and dad.

I love that the kitchen can be such a big part of creating family traditions. Friday night, homemade pizza night, Sunday morning blueberry pancakes and Saturday night is all about our famous jaffles where anything goes!

I have such strong memories of coming home from school on a cold and rainy day to find my Mum had prepared freshly baked scones and hot chocolate waiting for me on the kitchen bench. The kitchen really became a sense of home and comfort for me and I hope to achieve the same thing with my children.

I love to bake with my children, it’s liberating to not worry about the mess.  I let them crack the eggs, stir the mixture.  I turn the other cheek when cake mixture gets splattered everywhere or when they have a cheeky lick of the spoon.

Once the children have gone to bed and the remnants of the the days creative baking endeavours have been cleaned away, the kitchen then become a haven for my husband and we connect and chat about the day's events with a glass of wine in our hand over a sizzling pan, whilst chatting about our next recipe to tackle, our current favorite is slow cooked lamb with pesto roast veg.  Yum!

When you think about how much time we all spend in the kitchen, it really is the heart of the home, a place to refuel, reconnect and be in the moment with your family.

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