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Outdoor Entertainment & BBQ Rangehoods

The ultimate outdoor living experience is where you can enjoy restaurant quality dining in the comfort of your own home. It’s not just about changing the kitchen, it’s about changing your lifestyle, whilst creating an entertainment area for family and friends to enjoy.

Given our blessed climate, clients soon discover that their outdoor kitchen is fast becoming the most commonly used room in the house. Combine home cooked gourmet meals that are both healthy and convenient with user-friendly and easy to clean appliances and your leisure and entertaining time will be stress free.

As a result of outdoor areas becoming integrated into the Australian lifestyle, we now have high expectations of these rooms. We demand that these areas provide us with everything we need to entertain our family and friends whilst still offering convenience. Alfresco kitchens have developed a respect of their own and allow us to enjoy the outdoors without compromising dining quality.

However, one of the main drawbacks with outdoor dining is excessive food odours and smoke. Despite the alfresco area being the perfect entertainment setting, it is often less appealing because of this. At Schweigen, we believe that we have solved this age old problem in the most innovative way possible. Our range of super powerful and silent range hoods work magnificently! Not only do they remove the smoke and odours, but the noise too! Your outdoor dining experience can be odour free, whilst the hum of family and friends’ laughter and conversation still carries on without the overbearing noise of a standard noisy range hood.

We regularly spend our weekends and leisure time in the backyard, so it makes sense to enjoy it! With countless days of perfect weather, our free time can now be enjoyed outside with a kitchen that includes state-of-the-art cooking appliances, wine fridges, dishwashers, teppanyaki grills and ample preparation area.

At Schweigen, we aim to enhance our client’s lifestyle by providing high performance appliances that are capable of producing restaurant quality cuisine.

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